Xfinite — August RECAP

Xfinite, a next-generation media platform powered by Algorand, with high-level innovations and advanced technology, has been making giant moves in bringing transformation to digital media. In August, it made large strides towards achieving this goal through innovative developments to ensure transparency and a superior experience for all stakeholders.

Algorand blockchain is a platform that supports smart contract functionality with its consensus algorithm on the Pure Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol. It promotes scalability and transactions for businesses by removing the technical barriers hindering mainstream blockchain adoption.

Xfinite will leverage the ‘Algorand blockchain’ to achieve the following aims.

  • Increase user engagement through tokenization and rewards for users’ contributions
  • Tokenization of brand value
  • Establish a fair and rewarding economy with real-world value
  • Tokenization of media content
  • To provide a crowdfunding and community-lead content production

Xfinite has already established partnerships with global corporations such as Daily Hunt, SpiceJet, and Eros Now, and is poised to drive innovation and create new use cases for blockchain technology. In August, the Xfinite team kicked it into high gear and continued on a rampage of partnerships as well as attracting leading industry names into the private sale round for the XET token. Here is the summary of an action-packed August where they continued to build on their already strong ecosystem:


Xfinite announced their partnership with IPIP, an innovative NFT service platform operating on the Binance SmartChain that was built to discover, crowdfund, and collect rare digital creations.

This news story was featured on EIN Presswire.


Strong Node Edge

Next in the lineup of blockbuster partnerships announced was the partnership between Xfinite and StrongNode. StrongNode is a Node-as-a-Service software company pioneering a new paradigm of digital connectivity by creating on-demand, scalable, and secure node technology.

This news story was covered in more detail in News BTC.

Collaboration: Mzaalo dApp x OfficalJoshApp

Possibly the most monumental collaboration of the month occurred with the announcement of the collaboration of the Xfinite dApp Mzaalo and OfficialJoshApp.

Mzaalo is a gamified video platform and entertainment ecosystem secured by blockchain. The OfficialJoshApp contributes to on-demand digital entertainment on the blockchain, and is the fastest growing short-video app in India with 115 million users!

This collaboration will enable them to enhance content engagement for their users. Mzaalo app rewards viewers for content consumption, and Josh app users will be able to avail of that through the video app.

This breaking news event was covered in Crypto Daily UK.

Xfinite’s Mzaalo dApp Launches Blockchain-Based Rewards Ecosystem

Xfinite’s Mzaalo platform, a video streaming application in the gamified video and entertainment ecosystem, announced the launch of a blockchain based reward ecosystem. This will provide consumers with cashbacks, celebrity experiences, and rewards across 600+ established brands.

The full news story was covered in Crypto Potato.

AMA with Infinity Chain News

Infinity Chain News is a dedicated channel created for blockchain innovation. On August 15, XFinite CEO Swaneet Singh and COO Vikram Tanna joined Infinity Chain News for an AMA.


XET Token Private Sale

A large number of global powerhouses, from top blockchain VCs to global financial firms, have become major participants in the private sale round for the XET token. This power-packed list included:

  • Algorand Inc
  • Ceras Ventures
  • Black Mamba Ventures
  • Borderless Capital
  • DexToolsApp
  • FBG Capital
  • BlockFreeFund
  • Shima Capital
  • Double Peak / DWeb

And that’s not all, we are just getting started. To stay up to date, visit and follow us on all the Xfinite Social Media Platforms:

Twitter | Telegram | Website | Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook | Algorand Explorer (XET)




Building the decentralized future of entertainment

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Xfinite Official

Building the decentralized future of entertainment

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