Xfinite and its Blockchain Solution

What Blockchain Solution Does Xfinite Run?

  • The PoS helps eliminate scalability and security problems
  • Provides fasting processing of transactions for large payment and financial networks.
  • It is cost-effective with an average cost of less than 0.0001 USD per transaction. The cost remains fixed irrespective of a user’s growth or transaction volume.
  • Algorand network is energy efficient with minimal computation requirements
  • Its consensus protocol enables users to easily reach consensus on anything on the platform.

What Can Xfinite Offer Digital Entertainment Through its Blockchain Solution?

Securing Better Engagement Via Interactive Advertising

  • Shoppable Advertising: This includes images illustrating products with tags that enable consumers to hover over an item and see the price.
  • Augmented Reality Experience: Brands and influencers can utilize augmented reality which involves overlaying visuals and other sensory information to promote products or services.
  • Moment Video: This involves showcasing products in various video rotations.
  • Video Overlays: It means using a product as a cover image of an aspect of the video.

Xfinite Technology Provides Direct Brand Engagement and Monetization

High Engagement and Monetization for Influencers

  • Creating original content
  • Launch and manage their campaign
  • Buy and manage XET rewards and branded digital assets
  • Generate and distribute XET tokens and other digital assets
  • Set fan tokens, launch polls, surveys, and targeted events
  • Lunch there owns a branded e-store.

Creating Opportunity For Celebrities Fan Tokens

Provide Crowdfunding Platforms for Media Projects


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