Xfinite and its Blockchain Solution

The application of blockchain technology has brought transformation to key industries. Xfinite utilizes blockchain solutions to transform digital entertainment based on trust and economic inclusion.

The blockchain provides verified and clear records, conversion rates, and customer insight such as demographic statistics. Brands will be able to create a marketing strategy that can determine what influencers are set to achieve by measuring blockchain data records.

The application of blockchain-powered data analytics enables Xfinite to provide tools to maximize targeting efficiency and evaluate campaign-based performances against certain benchmarks and data points.

What Blockchain Solution Does Xfinite Run?

Algorand is an open-source public chain that operates on the Proof of Stake consensus protocol that supports business scalability and transactions. It eliminates the technical barriers that have plagued mainstream blockchain adoption to bring in a new era of decentralized economy.

Algorand offers the following benefits:

  • The PoS helps eliminate scalability and security problems
  • Provides fasting processing of transactions for large payment and financial networks.
  • It is cost-effective with an average cost of less than 0.0001 USD per transaction. The cost remains fixed irrespective of a user’s growth or transaction volume.
  • Algorand network is energy efficient with minimal computation requirements
  • Its consensus protocol enables users to easily reach consensus on anything on the platform.

What Can Xfinite Offer Digital Entertainment Through its Blockchain Solution?

Securing Better Engagement Via Interactive Advertising

  • Shoppable Advertising: This includes images illustrating products with tags that enable consumers to hover over an item and see the price.
  • Augmented Reality Experience: Brands and influencers can utilize augmented reality which involves overlaying visuals and other sensory information to promote products or services.
  • Moment Video: This involves showcasing products in various video rotations.
  • Video Overlays: It means using a product as a cover image of an aspect of the video.

Xfinite Technology Provides Direct Brand Engagement and Monetization

High Engagement and Monetization for Influencers

  • Creating original content
  • Launch and manage their campaign
  • Buy and manage XET rewards and branded digital assets
  • Generate and distribute XET tokens and other digital assets
  • Set fan tokens, launch polls, surveys, and targeted events
  • Lunch there owns a branded e-store.

Creating Opportunity For Celebrities Fan Tokens

Fan tokens are branded digital assets just like NFTs, which enable users to demonstrate their fandom and voting rights. Fans can vote randomly on things like the name of the next song, the topic of the next stream, what outfit to wear, the location of the next event, and more.

Provide Crowdfunding Platforms for Media Projects


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